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Piano Keys





 Learn from the experts in live, online 1-on-1 lessons, with lesson plans individually tailored to your goals, effective practice strategies, and step-by-step tools to help you master any piece or song.  

Let us help you pursue your love for music at any level for pre-teens to adult! Whether you are a complete beginner, enjoy playing in your free time, or are interested in a career in music and desire intensive coaching for college auditions or competitions, we are the perfect choice for you.  

Students can choose to study with either Dr. Schaumkell or Mr. Venkatesh, with in-person option available in Pasadena, CA 
We’re excited to start your musical journey with you!



* Staying in the comfort of your own home during lessons

* Playing on an instrument you are familiar with

* Being able to warm up right until your lesson time

* Teacher and student each have their own instrument, and the student can see the teacher's hands up close at all times via the overhead camera

* Study with us from anywhere in the world. We will work out scheduling to fit your timezone.



*Acoustic or digital piano

*At least one device with a front facing camera: ideally a laptop or tablet; phones can work, though a larger screen provides a better experience for the student



* A strong internet connection: ideally a broadband connection with a recommended minimum download and upload speed of 10 mbps.  The higher the bandwidth, the more stable the audio and video connection. You can test your network bandwidth at

* The built-in speakers and microphone on your device will suffice. For higher quality, we recommend an external microphone and a professional headset or external speaker. For very advanced students, we recommend recording and sending a video of your performance prior to the lessons to ensure that subtleties are not lost. If you are interested in investing in higher quality equipment, we are able to suggest options depending on your budget and individual needs

* We recommend using zoom (where we can offer multiple camera angles and screen-share amongst many other functions), but are able to teach via other platforms such as Skype and Facetime.


$50 - 30 minutes
$75 - 45 minutes
$100 - 60 minutes

* Payment in Euros is also possible, please contact us for details.

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